Construction Loans

Get construction loans for your construction project from dedicated niche advisors who understand industry requirements

Construction loans provide the finance you need upfront for your building projects in Sydney and Australia-wide, letting you turn architectural drawings into reality. Repayment of the loan occurs at the end of the project following sale, leasing, or unit rental.

At Dezire, we offer a range of competitive construction loans for contractors of all sizes. As a niche and focused company, we recommend specific loan types to suit your project, deadline and budget. Our knowledge allows us to deliver the very best financing arrangements, meaning that once you’re with us, you’re with us for life. Find out everything you need to know before signing the contract.

If you’re interested in taking out a construction loan for a project, contact us today. Our small team of dedicated advisers is ready and waiting to make finance available. Just provide us with a few project details and, once approved, we’ll source the finance you need.

Construction loans from us are flexible and convenient. Many products are interest-only during the construction phase with full repayment of the principle due later. Loans through us are also convenient.

If you want to make additional payments or repay sooner, rather than later, you can. And thanks to our experience and personal touch, we can also provide loans for building projects that will occur in stages, plus offer advice about the market

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